Wild Blue Studios is your external development partner for the contemporary entertainment production landscape. Industry veterans who understand why and how you outsource art will work with you to meet your individual needs. Managing scheduling, direction, and quality control internally ensures your time and resources aren’t wasted on bloated revision cycles or nebulous process. Backed by some of the best established and emerging talent in entertainment art, Wild Blue Studios prioritizes matching your project to an individual or team with the right capabilities and the right knowledge to arrive at the right result.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California; Wild Blue Studios works with artists and developers around the world—because geography should not limit quality. We pride ourselves on a global mindset that matches the border-less reality of modern distribution and audience taste. We are committed to working with every client with the same care and attention, be they industry titans or boutique endeavors. Your product is our passion, too.

Drop us a line, tell us what you need, and together we’ll go Wild.